Konstantin Sheremetev has been studying and working in the field of human intellect for about twenty years. He is:

  • a practicing psychologist;

  • a consultant and a training specialist in the field of personal growth and development;

  • an author of methods of self-concept and self-perception;

  • a founder of the “Mirium” training center;

  • a guest-expert of TV and radio shows;

  • a successful businessman;

  • an owner of two companies with the annual turnover more than 5 million dollars;

  • a scientist, a candidate of technical sciences, a creator of the program of responses to exceptions and emergency situations.


About 20 years ago he was fond of programming and worked at the program of responses to exceptions and emergency situations for artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of aerospace industry of the USSR. By the nature of his occupation he began to study the intellect and delved into psychology. As the result of his researches he has created a system of the development of human intellect.

Soon after that he left his main job and switched over to working at university where he start researching in earnest. He passed the Ph. D defense on the subject of intellectual development, began to read his own course of Intellectics and, in addition, he visited different training courses to prove his methods.

On the 10th of November 2008 he founded his Internet-project called Intellectics in Russia. It presents twenty years’ experience and methods of achievement in the field of intellectual development and psychology of personality that are proved by individual practice of its author.

On the 28th October 2011 he defended the Ph. D thesis on the subject “Elements of the theory of operation of human intellect”. After its defense he gained an academic degree of “Grand Ph. D in the field of psychology”.

For the moment authorial training courses of Konstantin Sheremetev have been purchased by several tens of thousands of people to the impressive amount of 1 000 000 dollars and even more.

Such a high popularity confirms the effectiveness of all information presented by Intellectics for great masses of readers. Essential theoretical foundations and unique practices can reliably help you to obtain the desired results on the road to personal growth and life success.