I’d like to tell you in a few words about why and wherefore the Intellectics project was created.

About 20 years ago I was fond of programming and among other things I worked at the program of responses to exceptions and emergency situations. At that time there was a tendency to use methods of artificial intelligence (AI).

However, all that was quite unclear to me. And I got down to psychology. Being a programming specialist and having mathematical reasoning, I was really surprised.

As it turned out, there was a vicious circle at the bottom of psychology. In other words, some terms are determined by others, and, on the contrary, the latter are determined by the former terms. For instance, “the intellect is the intelligence”, “the intelligence is an ability to reason”, “the thought is a result of brainwork” and so on, indefinitely.

I had to start researching in earnest. Moreover, I realized that I couldn’t rely on the classical psychology. No psychologist truly understands how human brain works. Modern psychology is just a score of techniques and methods. Some of them are suitable, others don’t work, but nobody knows everything for sure.

Right from the start my approach was as follows. So, there is a certain clear base thing. On the one hand, people are very similar to animals when it comes to constitution, but, on the other hand, there is a huge difference between animal life and human civilization. Evidently, during the evolutionary process people have got one new attribute that is intellect.

And if you understand what the difference between human and animal brains is, you can find out how intellect actually works. This approach showed to be very effective. The results came one after another. In fact, there is a new science; everything is logical and based on simple things such as development and reconfiguration of neutral networks. And the whole psychology can be proved and checked very easily.

Then I left my job and switched over to work at university, because I wanted to do some research in a quiet atmosphere. I passed PhD defense, began to read my own course of Intellectics and, in addition, I visited different training courses to prove my conclusions.

Currently, I have got practically the whole picture of brainwork that I will post on this website. 

Konstantin Sheremetev