The tool that can make your dreams come true is your brain.

If you want to achieve all your goals, you need to learn how to use it correctly! The richest and the most successful people of the world use their intellect not the way other people do.

I’m going to reveal a little secret to you – the way of thinking of prominent people differs from yours by only one distinction. What is the distinction? You can find out right now by reading my mini-book “All about your intellect”.

If you look for yet another recipe of success or wealth,

you omit one important detail…

What do you think, what is the difference between a “chef de cuisine” and a housewife? A chef doesn’t need a recipe to cook even the hardest dish…

You develop yourself and know in theory how to achieve success in career, business, finances and relationships with your relatives. You buy psychology books, you are familiar with personal development courses. But your life still doesn’t change, does it?


I have read a great deal of psychology books, I have completed plenty of seminars.

However, in EVERY methodology there are some “but”s, some contradictions,

and many questions remain unclear and undetermined…”

(Inna Argudjaeva)

Probably, all that you do is looking for new recipes, just like a housewife. 

How to become a “chef” of your own success?
How to think the right way


How to become clever? You can learn all about your intellect, for FREE and in 20 minutes!

A mini-book “All about your intellect” is my gift to you. You can download it for free. It’s easy and you can finish the book really fast.

Everything in the book can be apllied to practice, there is no pointless theory. You will learn what you need to do to become the “chef” of your own fate. And if you want, I can gladly explain to you how to do it, through my newsletters, audio courses and webinars. The whole process of setting goals and changing your mind takes from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on problems you need to solve.


Do you want to test theory in practice?
Look what my readers and listeners say…

I’m surprised at the result I have got. I look after my health, I have an interesting job, good relationship with my relatives. There are great changes in my life…” (Denisenko Olesja)

I offer consultations to different commercial enterprises and organizations. There were only two of them one month ago. But now I’ve already succeeded to work with five. Besides, I begin to devote more time to my family.” (Anatoliy L.)

“For some reason well-being of my company and my family begins to develop very well.” (Svetlana)

“I have an awesome idea how to start my own business!!! And above all that now I make sense of things that I only HAD to do before.” (Julia)

“Ideas just keep coming. But the main thing is that I have no fear anymore. I have understood that, in fact, there are no difficulties… ” (Taras, an engineer, Kharkiv, the Ukrain)

You can learn all about… yourself!

“I used to think I made progress,

but now I see that I was moving at snail’s pace.”
Denisenko Olesja)

If you want to download the “All about your intellect” mini-book, you only need to enter your e-mail address in the field below. And in a few minutes you can learn:

  • what’s the difference between your thought and their thoughts;
  • how your intellect influences your life;
  • how to attune your thought to success and health;
  • how to become a creative person and even a genius.

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